hyphen_chan (hyphen_chan) wrote in fic_the_faith,


hyphen_chan would like to present the long awaited
reveals post!

heartBefore you click the cut and find out who wrote your fic, the mods would like to thank all the participants for signing up, writing the awesome stories and for cooperating.

You were great, and once again every single one of you has handed the fic in. We are very proud of this achievement—three years without a pinch hit is great—and so you all should be too. The aim for the next year is more than half of the fics handed in by the official deadline (so that hyphen_chan can live a long, heart attack free life). ;D

hearthyphen_chan also wants to thank everyone who pimped the exchange around, flailed in comments and made this exchange a very enjoyable one.

A very special thanks goes to goldfreckled, who stepped into a mod position this year. She was great, and the other mod would not be able to make it without her. In other words, congrats on your first very successful exchange, Beth! ♥ It was great having you for a hyphen (in crime).

(Super-ninja special thanks to sashjun, who very patiently explained to little punctuation marks how to become a hyphen. ♥♥)

Now, without further mushy delays, click the cut to find out who wrote which amazing fic.

Recipient Author Title
akumanakoi yararanger never ~again
alienashi maayacola The Quiet Game
alternatejess akumanakoi Paparazzi
ayame_hadouken je_levy The Mysterious Affair of the Begonia Murder
elanielyn juniority The Perpetual Star
greatfountain sekky_chan I'll treat you like a stolen glance at myself
holly_berri elanielyn 上様
je_levy alienashi Siúil A Rúin
juniority krysyuy The Bodyguard
krysyuy greatfountain Zoom Zoom
kyjr luna_truths Photogenic
luna_truths alternatejess A Day (Or Two) In Nakamaru’s Life.
maayacola scorch66 Found My Way
paint_asmile holly_berri Ashes to Ashes
prologuesized paint_asmile Come And Go
randomicicle swedish_weirdo No Worries
reiicharu prologuesized YOU will grow that hair back!
ryogrande kyjr We're not Superheroes
sashjun ryogrande Wanderlust
scorch66 randomicicle no strain at the seams
sekky_chan ayame_hadouken If You Can’t Beat Them...
swedish_weirdo reiicharu WE ARE REALLY GOOD JOB!!!
yararanger sashjun Doctor U

And that’s it. Once again, thank you so much for participating. hyphen_chan hopes you had fun because he certainly did! ♥

If there's any feedback, comments, or even critique you have for the mods, please let us know, so we can be even more awesome in any future exchange endeavors. ;D

Tags: ! mod post, ! reveals, year: 2012
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